Mechanic carrying car window, view through glassWindshield Replacement – What you need to know about Windshield & Auto Glass replacement process.

We can repair most chips and scratches in windshield glass, but if the windshield is cracked, it should be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle and protect the occupants.

Here’s the steps we go through to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive…

STEP 1 – Assessing the Damage

If there is a chip in your windshield it can probably be repaired using a special resin and polishing technique. If the windshield has a crack larger than the size of a dollar bill, we can replace the windshield with OEM quality glass with adhesives recommended by the manufacturer.

STEP 2 – Removing the Windshield

Extracting the damaged windshield seems easy, but care must be taken not to damage the pinchweld. This is the ridge around the car’s frame that holds the windshield in place. If the pinchweld is damaged, the new adhesive may not seal correctly, resulting in leaks and rust corrosion on the vehicle’s frame. We use the latest extraction equipment to ensure proper removal.

STEP 3 – Selecting the Correct Windshield

We know you want the job done right the first time to make sure your new windshield glass fits correctly and restores the vehicle to its original condition.

STEP 4 – Applying New Adhesive

We use only the finest in quality adhesive.  The same ones the vehicle manufacturers use. The proper adhesive is applied to the vehicle’s pinchweld and the edges of the windshield.

STEP 5 – Installing the New Windshield

We follow installation procedures by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council, which includes following a 20-point checklist. The most important factor in a proper windshield installation is following the recommended drive-away time. The adhesive must be allowed to set, or “cure,” for a specific time before the vehicle may be safety driven. Otherwise, the windshield may move in the pinchweld and will not properly seal to the frame. If the vehicle is in a wreck the windshield could pop out, exposing the occupants to greater risk of injury. So for your safety, we follow the drive-away time instructions.

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