1. By law you are only required to get one estimate.
  2. You have the right to take your vehicle to any body shop that you want. Some insurance companies want you to go to their drive-in claim centers to get an estimate. Sometimes their claim centers are in another body shop. You do not have to have your car repaired in that particular shop even if they guarantee the repair. Bring us a copy of their estimate and we will repair off of their estimate. We will guarantee our repair and will get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.
  3. If you are worried that an adjuster left off items from the estimate, we will contact the insurance company for you to get your car fixed correctly.
  4. Make sure you choose a body shop with certified technicians such as I-Car or ASE. Also be sure that the body shop of your choice has the proper frame straightening and measuring equipment to return your car back to its original specs.
  5. If you are hit by another car in which they are at fault, in the state of Kentucky they must supply you with a rental car while your car is being repaired.