Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is the technique of removing minor dents, door dings, and/or hail damage on car doors and fenders without filling and painting. Some people call it an “art” and some even call  it magic because the proper tools in the hands of the right mechanic can make your dents disappear — quickly and at a reasonable cost. Our talented PDR techs can save you hundreds of dollars that might otherwise be spent having dents removed with “traditional” methods.

The next time you walk through the parking lot at your favorite mall look at all of the cars with door dings and fender dents. Amazing, isn’t it. You may see as many as one-out-of-three cars with one or more dents or dings. How many door dings does YOUR car have?

Wouldn’t YOU like to be dentless?

Paintless dent removal works best on modern cars (built within the last 15 years) because the metal is thinner than on older vehicles and can be “worked” back into place by a talented technician using the proper PDR tools.

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